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Release date:
Act 1, November 13th 2013 —— Act 2, April 2nd 2014 —— Act 3, August 6th 2014 —— Act 4, November 19th 2014 —— HD Remastered, November 27th 2014 —- Complete Edition, February 26th 2015 -- Console Edition, March 16th 2016

PC - Mac
Xbox One
Android (Complete)
iOS (Complete)
Android (Episodic)
iOS (Episodic)
Kindle Fire


Regular Price:

Mobile edition (Act 1) USD00.99
Mobile edition (Act 1) EUR00.99
Mobile edition (Act 1) GBP00.49
Mobile edition (Complete) USD12.99
Mobile edition (Complete) EUR12.99
Mobile edition (Complete) GBP09.99
PC/Mac edition (Acts 1-4) USD14.99
PC/Mac edition (Acts 1-4) EUR14.99
PC/Mac edition (Acts 1-4) GBP10.99
Console Edition (Acts 1-4) USD14.99
Console Edition (Acts 1-4) EUR14.99
Console Edition (Acts 1-4) GBP10.99


Lone Wolf is back with a brand-new, non-linear story, a deep combat system and stunning graphics! Make meaningful choices and carve your own path. Test your strength in dynamic turn-based battles, prove your skill with the lock-picking minigame and accept the challenge posed by the Shianti Cube! The author Joe Dever has played an active role in the development of the game. The story he has written fits with the original continuity, but it also sheds a new light on Lone Wolf’s world, Magnamund!


From the very first days of work, the team started developing in parallel the book part and the combat system. Joe Dever was involved from the beginning of the project and he worked closely with the team, not only writing the story but also approving every single detail, to verify the consistency of the new game with the original lore of the series. He worked from London and we had regular meetings in our offices in Milan.


  • A brand-new adventure written by Joe Dever, with a deep and dark redesign of Lone Wolf, his world and his enemies.
  • A real medieval tome with hand-drawn illustrations.
  • Create your character and try out different combinations of Kai Disciplines, traits and gear.
  • Write your own story through multiple choices.
  • A real combat system, where your prowess really counts –no random number table or dice to throw!
  • Wield Lone Wolf’s signature weapon, the Sommerswerd, to unleash devastating attacks that can change the tide of any battle!
  • B3 different difficulty levels to make the fighting experience more accessible -or more challenging!
  • Play again, make different choices and explore new paths and fighting styles!


Launch trailer YouTube

Intro video YouTube

Act 4 launch trailer YouTube

HD Remastered edition trailer YouTube

Complete Edition trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf it’s the perfect tribute to the gamebooks era."
    - Lorenzo Fantoni, Eurogamer
  • "Half gamebook and half action RPG, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is one adventure that fans of either genre will enjoy from start to finish."
    - Matthew Diener, Pocket Gamer
  • "Half gamebook and half action RPG, Joe Dever's Lone Wolf is one adventure that fans of either genre will enjoy from start to finish."
    - Matthew Diener, Pocket Gamer

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Many insights about the development of the game! lonewolfthegame.com.

About Forge Reply

Forge Reply is a company of the Reply group network, specialized in the development of games for mobile devices, PC/Mac and consoles. The studio works for both the consumer and the business markets, sharing the same goal: the creation of new User Experiences. Forge Reply has developed Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, a game based on the classic gamebooks from the 80s that bore the same name, available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 Forge Reply developed In Space We Brawl, a frantic twin stick shooter focused on local multiplayer fun. Right now, the company is working on an exciting and unannounced new project.

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Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf Credits

Fabio Pagetti
Game and Creative Director

Alessandro Bragalini
Art Director

Alberto Barbati
Lead Programmer

Samuele Perseo
Narrative Designer

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