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Release date:
October 14th 2014 US - October 15th 2014 EU - July 10th 2015 Playism - July 17th 2015 Steam - February 12th 2016 Xbox One

Playstation 4 / PlayStation 3 (Cross-Buy) - US
Playstation 4 / PlayStation 3 (Cross-Buy) - EU
Xbox One
PC / Mac on Playism
PC / Mac on Steam


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In Space We Brawl is a local multiplayer, twin stick shooter with more than 150+ different combinations of spaceships and weapons. Up to four player can join a fight, picking one of the 13 vessels and equipping it with 14 tools of space destruction. Are you going to drive an agile (but fragile) Pulsar ship with a deadly plasma sword? Or do you want to fully take advantage of the energy generators of the Cypher ship? The sniper rifle would be a nice match, considering that its insane damage output is balanced by a high cost for each shot. Players can choose their play style, fighting in 8 different battlegrounds, each one defined by specific space hazards such as solar winds, black/white holes and deadly alien nests.


In Space We Brawl started on a stormy flight from Milan to Cologne. After that unusual brainstorming session, a first prototype was coded using very old assets straight from the 80s. The versus beat’ em up format, with its classic roster of fighters transformed into spaceships and cosmic weapons, proved to be a winning formula. We gradually added contents, taking the game to squares and hangout places for what we call “Street Playtesting”. We recreated the couch multiplayer atmosphere in Milan, Turin and Florence with a laptop, four gamepads, a small table and four camping chairs (check the trailer below). After hundreds of hours of playtesting, In Space We Brawl has been officially announced as a PlayStation timed exclusive at the Sony press conference that opened Gamescom 2014 in Cologne.


  • The Full Arsenal Edition features two console exclusive elements on Xbox One: the Mectron and the Tetha Warhead
  • Local multiplayer arcade action for 2 - 4 players.
  • 13 spaceships + 14 weapons = 150+ different combinations.
  • 8 battlegrounds, with 3 maps each.
  • Space hazards like solar wind, black holes, alien nests.
  • A lot of power-ups: speed boost, shot enhancement, auto firing drones, fire rate boost, energy module, repair module, temporary invincible shield.
  • 4 multiplayer games modes: Championship, Tournament, Team, Gladiator.
  • Bounty system: each player can place a bounty on him/her or someone else. If he/she survive with bounties, they are claimed as points; if he/she kills a player with bounties, they are claimed as points.
  • Single player challenges.
  • Advanced AI for aliens and bots.
  • Developed in Unity.
  • Available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, PC and Mac.


Launch trailer YouTube

Announcement trailer YouTube

Street Playtesting trailer YouTube


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Selected Articles

  • "With In Space We Brawl, new-to-consoles developer Forge Reply is aiming to deliver futuristic fights in the vein of Geometry Wars and Asteroids."
    - Dave Rudden, IGN

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Many insights about the development of the game! inspacewebrawl.com.

About Forge Reply

Forge Reply is a company of the Reply group network, specialized in the development of games for mobile devices, PC/Mac and consoles. The studio works for both the consumer and the business markets, sharing the same goal: the creation of new User Experiences. Forge Reply has developed Joe Dever's Lone Wolf, a game based on the classic gamebooks from the 80s that bore the same name, available on iOS, Android, PC and Mac. On PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 Forge Reply developed In Space We Brawl, a frantic twin stick shooter focused on local multiplayer fun. Right now, the company is working on an exciting and unannounced new project.

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In Space We Brawl Credits

Alessandro Mazzega
Cosmic Game Designer & Marketing Guy

Jacopo Dagnino
Ion Game Designer & and Programmer

Umberto Mognetti
Photon Graphic Artist

Roberto Brogi
Quantic Sound Designer

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