The first update of Lone Wolf is available

The first update of Joe Dever’s Lone Wolf is available so here’s the list of improvements that you can find in the latest version of the game:

  • Combat sessions have been made easier, more varied and more playable.
  • Now, the final boss can’t defeat Lone Wolf in the very first turn of the fight.
  • Potions can now be drunk from the inventory in-between fights.
  • Kai Power now regenerates during the fight and Endurance does it faster.
  • Quick Time Events and gestures are easier to perform.
  • The “page flip” suggestion is now given less frequently and its sound effect has been deactivated.
  • Many bugs and text typos have been fixed.

We’re still working hard to improve the game and many new features will be added for the launch of the Act 2.

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